Jámbor Ármin

Saxophone (HUN)

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Classical music have been part of my life since a very young age. I started my studies at the local Liszt Ferenc School of Music. In a short amount of time, I was sure about my vision of career, and where I want to keep succeeding. Thus, at the age of 14 I continued my studies at
Kodály Zoltán Middle School of Music, ready for a career in classical music.
During my time in Budapest, I studied at Egressy Béni Middle School of Music, where I was tutored by Levente Puskás - prestigious Hungarian saxophonist. As months past I have come to the realisation that this is not exactly what I desire. However, the jazz, which became part of my everyday life, after first hearing its sound, made me change direction.
The music conservatoire’s jazz lectures were held by the notorious Csaba Tuzko. I became his only saxophone pupil. After graduation, I received an offer to study music at The University of Graz, where the British saxophonist, Julian Argüelles teaches. This is one of the most significant stops of my life, because I learnt from such knowledgable people, and I became part of the “contemporary jazz life”.
A dream came true, when Jim Rotondi, originally from New York - who teaches jazz-trumpet at the University of Graz - proposed to perform together at a local jazz event.
Since, I participated in numerous competitions and concerts in Budapest,Slovakia and Austria.