Fernando Lerman
Composer, saxophonist and flutist
Graduated from the National Conservatory “Lopez Buchardo”, he was formed by Hugo Pierre and Victor Skorupski (saxophone) and Juan Carlos Zorzi (composition)
His thesis for the master in Latin-American Music (U.N of Cuyo) titled “erasing borders, academic and popular music for saxophone and piano created in Buenos Aires”, it includes pieces of Mario Herrerías, Astor Piazzolla and Juan D´Argenton, among others. He is a professor in the Manuel de Falla Conservatory and in the Department of Musical Arts and sonorous of the National University of Arts in Argentina.
His works of chamber music have been performed by recognize concert musician like Maria Noel Luzardo, Miguel Villafruela, Amalia del Giudice, Tanya von Arx, Carl Emmanuel Fisbach, Jay Byrnes, Emiliano Barri, the Argentinian Quartet of Saxophones, the clarinets Quintet of Buenos Aires and the Quartet of saxophones 4 MIL.
He had shared multiple artistic proyects with Abel Rogantini (“Astitor”), Alejandro Manzoni (“BIO”), Maximo Rodriguez (El Cuatriyo); Ricardo Nolé )”Templando-Jazzdombe”), Ludmila Fernandez (“Oliverio Girondo, to keep sipinning”), Liliana Herrero (Cd “The violinist cricket”), Víctor Skorupski, Germán Moine, Jorge Scarinchi, Fabio Zurita (El Noneto), Gustavo Liamgot, María Estela Monti, Fabián Zylberman, Jorge Retamoza, Juan “Pollo” Raffo, Daniel Tinte, Quito Gato y Hernán Valencia (3-0-3).
Among his latest works are the CD “Yours, mine, ours” with de guitarist Juan Falú, Obi Homer, Alan Plachta and Claudio Cecolli. Also the unipersonal with live music “Eight letters to Julio” with Juan Palomino, with script by his brother Gabriel D. Lerman, and the direction of Daniel Berbedés (co-author of his plays). He develops and performs concerts and classes in the interior of Argentina and in the exterior: Santiago de Chile (University of Chile), Paris (Chamber Selmer), Berlín (Universität der Künste) and La Habana (ISA)